Sunday, February 11, 2007

XNA project progress...

Quick update on my XNA project (problems with short attention span?)
  • side tracked to look at different modelling program
  • side tracked to look at Google's 3D ware house
  • played with Sketchup
  • side tracked to look at Google MAP API, KML
  • finally found a model I wanted, and converted to the format XNA likes
  • diddling with XNA's 3D rotations
  • learned what a Gimbal Lock is (doh!)
  • learned more about quaternion and how to use it

Finally, at this point, have a model that rotates (yaw, pitch and roll) on its own axis. I think it's time to polish up that Linear Algebra book from last millenium...

1 comment:

Allen Ding said...

I'll be your beta tester mr.waru waru. You know who to call.