Friday, February 23, 2007

Quick tech demo

Hell everyone, here is a short tease of what I've been working on. It demonstrate a sample Xbox 360 XNA project pulling data from a wii-remote. As demoed in the video, it can read the buttons, IR locations, and the motion data. Too bad that the process is very slow due to a couple of limitations. It can roughly read the data 5 times per second. This causes the lag in the videdo. Maybe I can improve the speed when more MS expands XNA's API library and/or tools capability. Won't it be cool to use wii-motes on the XBox 360? Now that I have access to retrieve data from outside the box, there are more interesting things I can do... As the next demo will show. ;)


Zygote said...

Holy Cow!

How were you able to read the data from the wiimote on the 360?

I've written a c# driver for the wiimote but it uses C++/CLR and a C# wrapper.

However it wont work within the 360 due to its use of C++

Unknown said...

he possibly uses the 360 ir port

Unknown said...

ir port? Wiimote uses bluetooth. The Ir stuff of the wiimote is only used for triangulation calcs with ir leds in the sensorbar.

Epoc said...


cool proof of concept
But you're polling the data via network from PC.

And since drivers for bluetooth sticks can't be written from XNA, the only chance for running this on a 360 was if MS released a bluetooth stack for the 360 to support USB sticks [which I don't see happening]

As you say, here's hoping for to better, more open APIs for XNA.

(That and microsoft releasing their own 3D input controller this september ;)